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Model Muse: Cameron Russell

Name: Cameron Russell

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Height: 5'10"

Agencies: New York The Lions Paris Oui Management Milan d'Management group London Models 1

Where have we seen her: You may remember her from our previous sequin jeans post. She is a Victoria's Secret runway regular and has also been the face of the H&M. Cameron has quite the impressive resume of runway, campaigns and editorials with some of the fashion industry's top designers and photographers.

Why we love her: Cameron shot to fame for her controversial TEDx talk entitled Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model where she reveals her success is a result of "winning the genetic lottery"and encourages young women to aspire to be something else other than models. This talk has had almost 2.4 million views since it was posted online in January. 

Fun fact: Cameron's mother Robin Chase is the founder of Zipcar.

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Check out more of Cameron at her blog, ArtRoots or follow her on instagram @cameron_r

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